GOP Slammed for Choosing “Propaganda Arm of the DNC” to Host Next Debate

Joseph Sohm /
Joseph Sohm /

When you think of Republican debates, presidential or otherwise, you likely expect them to take place on platforms and media outlets that respect the Republican base, if not wholeheartedly agree with what’s important to them. So why, when is the third GOP primary debate to be hosted by NBC News?

If you know much about NBC News, it’s likely that it isn’t a friend to the Republicans, whether you’re an everyday American or a politician in a seat of power. And they certainly aren’t a friend to anyone who associates with former President Donald Trump.

In fact, if you’re a Republican, conservative, or even the slightest bit of a centrist, you know that listening to or watching anything put out by NBC News is likely to go against everything you believe in. It’s also expected to push the very ideals and woke agenda items you hate the most.

Now, to be fair, NBC wasn’t always so bad.

If this were, say, oh, 1995 or so, there would be no problem or hesitation on pretty much anyone’s part if the RNC announced it was partnering with NBC.

But as you know all too well, things are much different now. It seems just about every single media outlet in existence is biased in one direction or another, even if slightly so. And there’s nothing slight about the direction in which NBC leans these days.

Yet, as I mentioned above, the third Republican primary debate has, in fact, been announced as being hosted by none other than NBC News.

Naturally, it’s been met with a bit of criticism from conservatives.

Take Newsmax host Rob Schmitt, for example. As he posted, NBC “is basically the propaganda arm of the DNC.” And yet, “they’re getting a Repub debate.”

It just doesn’t make all that much sense, does it?

For starters, how does the RNC expect its debate contestants to get any kind of fair shake with NBC lefties running the show? No, the moderators haven’t been announced yet. But, if you’ve seen the outlet’s lineup recently, you know there’s not a right-winger among them.

As one social media user asked, “Have you EVER seen a Democrat debate hosted by Fox News? No. And you never will. Because they’re not fn stupid.”

Clearly, the insinuation here is that the leadership of the RNC may, in fact, be stupid.

Sure, none of the contestants are anywhere near winning the nomination as of this point, not with the massive lead Trump holds over everyone. However, you’d think the RNC would still want to offer these potential options decent lighting and a stage to show their strengths. After all, any one of them is clearly better than the man currently sitting in the Oval Office.

How does the RNC expect any GOP candidates not to be bludgeoned to death with biased questions that make them look bad if NBC is doing the asking?

If the RNC really wanted to win and really wanted to put their best foot forward in 2024, surely they’d choose a network that, at the very least, appreciated the fact that different opinions are not a bad thing.

And since they didn’t, it draws a number of questions about who is leading the GOP and the RNC. It also makes the likelihood of a serious draining of the swamp to include the RNC leadership, should a Republican retake the White House in 2024.