FL Gov Refuses To Admit He’s Just a Little Guy

Andrew Cline / shutterstock.com
Andrew Cline / shutterstock.com

Florida Governor and GOP Presidential ticket hopeful Ron DeSantis has a problem accepting the truth of his situation. During a Patrick Bet-David Podcast taping, the Governor refused to admit he has lifts in his boots. Instead, he doubled down on his claims that he wears off-the-shelf Dallas Cowgirl boots-Lucchese.

Opening a bag and pulling out a pair of shoes from Ferragamo, he announced he had a gift for the governor. Refusing the shoes, he claimed he never accepts gifts and that he can’t. Apologizing for refusing, he has also refused to be straightforward with the American public about his stature.

Watching him walk in the Austin Powers-like shoe boots he tends to favor, they feature a slight heel and boost him up some so he looks taller by nature. Despite this, DeSantis keeps sticking to the idea that real men are tall. Refusing to take the new take on height and proclaim himself a shirt king, the man is leaving a lot on the table.

Despite his wife or anyone else telling him differently, he’s capable of being honest with the American people. We remember Napoleon and what he did. If DeSantis chose to go that way, it would be fitting, especially as the famed short-statured leader’s biopic hits theaters. Denying his shortness, and instead continuing to use things like lifted shoes to deceive the people is horrendous.

The time has come for DeSantis to take off the boots that look horrible with a suit, and show the American people his feet, and let them see him stand up shoeless. This isn’t an invasion of privacy; it’s just asking for the truth on behalf of the American people. Besides, when he has to drop out of the race and FL refuses to keep him as Governor, he can have a head start on his career with the rest of the failures at Feet Finder.