Trump “Threatens Democracy,” But No One Can Explain How 

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

For years, Democrats have persistently cast former President Donald Trump as the “biggest threat to democracy.” This phrase has become a central motif in all Democratic discourse, and those parroting it never explain the reasons why Trump is such a threat. It’s just a repeated refrain cited in the hopes that it will cause so much voter alarm that Trump will not win reelection. 

Most Democrats cannot point to one instance of Trump’s perceived threat to democracy. With a headline that is catchy, who needs an explanation? 

A deeper look into some of the arguments reveals who holds the biggest threat to democracy in his sticky, ice-cream-stained fingers. 

Critics have painted Trump’s presidency as a disruptive force that eroded democratic norms and institutions. Instances where he questioned the legitimacy of elections, engaged in skirmishes with the judiciary, and verbally sparred with the free press are cited as evidence of this “threat to democracy.”  But Trump’s conspiracy theories have been proven to be accurate again and again, including the so-called “free press” and its censorship of conservative Americans. 

However, only one leader consistently wields executive power like a legislative wand, overriding Supreme Court rulings. Welcome to the world of President Joe Biden, whose political playbook introduces a different set of rules, strategically weaponizing agencies and employing political maneuvers to stifle opponents. With the stroke of a pen, Biden has overturned SCOTUS decisions and passed massively unpopular, damaging, and unconstitutional mandates. 

Trump’s purported threats to democracy extend beyond mere rhetoric to tangible policies, notably his fervent crusade against voter fraud. In 2021, responding to the looming specter of electoral fraud, the GOP sought to tighten voting laws. Surprisingly, Georgia, the epicenter of “voter suppression fears,” witnessed a record turnout post-legislative change, challenging the Democrat’s allegations about “restricting” voting access through commonplace laws like voter ID and limited drop box access. 

However, Democrats argue, the real threat lies in concerns about what Trump could do if he regains power. The fear centers around alleged worries that Trump, along with a small faction of supporters, might not adhere to democratic norms. While various administrations have wielded power in unique ways, few match the Biden administration’s brazen disregard for constitutional safeguards.  

Enter the divisive Trump rhetoric, which critics argue continues to fuel nationwide polarization. Yet, in the present political drama, the sitting president doesn’t hold back> The leader of the free world routinely fires insults at Trump supporters, attributes his failed policies to his predecessor, and even encourages hostility and violence against “Mega MAGA” Republicans.  

Foreign interference allegations formed a dark cloud over Trump’s past term, especially concerning alleged “Russian interference” in the 2016 election. But evidence has surfaced that there was, in fact, election interference in the 2016 election, bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign. In 2020, Biden’s team took a different approach, censoring information about Hunter Biden’s laptop. This strategic move left voters in the dark about ethical concerns and potential conflicts of interest, with nearly 10% of voters now saying the information would have influenced their vote. 

Ethical concerns have long haunted Trump’s term, but none have been proven. It’s a stark contrast to Biden’s administration, where investigations continue to uncover conflicts of interest and corruption at the highest levels of power. This storyline shakes America’s confidence in the government and previously trusted agencies like the FBI and the Department of Justice. 

If a Trump presidency is perceived as “the biggest threat to democracy,” what is Biden’s legacy? Broad and damaging executive orders, weaponization of governmental agencies, massive corruption and coverup, the destruction of national sovereignty at our borders, encouragement of the use of violence against fellow citizens, and censorship should surely rank as legitimate “threats to democracy.” 

The Biden presidency is the actual threat to American democracy.  The founding fathers never predicted that a group of radical leaders would hijack the country and dictate what cars they should drive, what medical decisions they should make, and who should bear the financial burdens of fellow Americans. They also never planned for a small group of people to systematically attempt to overturn the checks, balances, and other safeguards that ensure democracy rules in a country founded on freedom. 

The hypocrisy of labeling Trump as the nation’s “biggest threat to democracy” is a tired argument played out by a party that has also labeled parents and devout Catholics as some of the nation’s “biggest threats to democracy.” It’s time Democrats held the mirror up to reveal who is truly a threat to America. of Form