Hillary Starts Talking about a “Climate Body Count” and Everyone Gets Nervous

Ben Von Klemperer / shutterstock.com
Ben Von Klemperer / shutterstock.com

Does anyone else get nervous when Hillary Clinton starts talking about a “body count?” Before we even report this story to you, we’d like to point out that we are not suicidal or depressed in any way. We’re happy, well-adjusted people with families, pets, and jobs. Our lives are good. Anyway, about Hillary and this body count. The Crooked One was at the UN’s 28th annual global warming conference (COP 28) in Dubai when she made an outlandish claim. She says that the medical and scientific community is now able to track a “climate body count.”

Hillary says that heat-related deaths from “global boiling”—otherwise known as summertime—are now being meticulously counted and tracked to show just how serious this problem is. She says that the number of deaths is already high and steadily growing.

“We are seeing and beginning to pay attention and to count and record the deaths that are related to climate,” claimed Crooked Hillary. “And by far the biggest killer is extreme heat.”

It’s like that old saying: There are lies, and there are damned lies, and then there’s all the garbage that spews out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth. Everything that she said in that statement is a complete and total lie. It’s deliberate disinformation and mal-information to use the Biden regime’s own language.

Hillary made the claim that 61,000 people died in a recent European heatwave but offered no proof to back up that assertion. Want some real scientific proof?

A study was just published in the Lancet journal, which shows that there are approximately 5.1 million temperature-related deaths in the world each year. But 90% of those deaths are attributed to cold weather. A skeptical person might wonder, since cold temps kill 9X more people than hot temps, then wouldn’t it be better if we figured out a way to heat things up?

We’re not talking about warming up the globe, by the way. Only lunatics and low-IQ politicians like Crooked Hillary and Joe Biden’s “weather czar,” John Kerry, believe that mankind is capable of impacting the earth’s climate. What we’re talking about is providing cheap, reliable energy for people in places like Europe.

Don’t forget, the same maniacs claiming that people are dying from the climate actually blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline that was providing affordable energy to European countries until then. Blowing that pipeline up caused energy rates to skyrocket in Europe. People aren’t heating their homes as much as they’d like for the second winter in a row because it now costs thousands of Euros per month. That act of environmental terrorism, carried out by the same people pretending to worry about the climate, has basically destroyed the economy in countries throughout the EU.

Hillary Clinton isn’t worried about a climate body count any more than she’s worried about… that other body count. Which we’re totally not mentioning.

Human beings are now experiencing fewer climate-related deaths from natural disasters than at any previous time in recorded history. Since it needs to be said, human beings have no ability with current technology to impact the earth’s climate in any measurable way. One volcanic eruption spews more carbon into the atmosphere in 24 hours than all the cars in North America in a 12-month period. Plus, carbon isn’t bad for the atmosphere. Without carbon in the atmosphere, every living thing on Earth would die. That’s science, kids.

If nations ever implement the global warming fantasy policies of the Democrat Party, it will lead to a mass die-off that makes weather-related deaths look like a pittance in comparison. So… please don’t kill us for pointing this out, Hillary.