T-Swift Causing Climate Change?

ako photography / shutterstock.com
ako photography / shutterstock.com

You might have heard it said that pop icon and influencer Taylor Swift is single-handedly holding off a recession thanks to her ongoing Eras tour. But according to a number of sources, she’s also singlehandedly causing climate change.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Taylor Swift is officially the carbon-polluting celebrity on the planet. And since her romance with Kansas City Chiefs running back Travis Kelce has begun, her carbon emissions have only increased.

As the Daily Mail says, in the three months since her romance has taken off, she has made 12 flights on one of two private jets owned by Swift to see her man play. In total, she’s used up 12,622 gallons of jet fuel, creating a whopping 138 tons of carbon emissions during that time.

This is, of course, on top of the flights she’s taken to maintain her already rigorous Eras tour schedule.

As the Daily Mail alleges, Swift would need to plant 2,282 trees and let them grow for at least ten years before the carbon dioxide emissions she’s at fault for will be offset.

Now, of course, a Swift representative swears that Swift is aware of the giant footprint she’s making on the Earth’s atmosphere and is attempting to undo it. Apparently, she purchased double the carbon credits required for her Eras tour prior to its March kickoff.

However, as many within the climate change world would argue, that doesn’t make it okay. Neither does it really offset anything, as a number of climate scientists and advocates state.

Now, of course, Swift is not the only celebrity to use their wealth for extravagant and frequent travel. The Daily Mail also pointed to Floyd Mayweather as another major carbon-emitting celebrity. Apparently, he emitted 7075.8 tons in 2022.

Of course, that’s if you believe all the hype of climate change and such. As many a scientist has ascertained, the sun itself is to blame for much more of our climate’s “warming” worries than any amount of carbon emissions.

But maybe Swift could cut back on her flights a bit…