Trump Mulling Controversial “Poison” VP Candidate?

Joseph Sohm /
Joseph Sohm /

With Donald Trump looking more and more likely to win the Republican nomination in 2024, he is undoubtedly talking about VP choices. But as a few have pointed out, one name could do him more harm than good.

Enter current GOP presidential candidate and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley.

If you know much about her current polling position, she’s doing quite well. Not that she has a shot at winning the nomination in the slightest. But compared to everyone else besides those named Trump, she’s not altogether unpopular.

According to RealClearPolitics and a recent CBS/YouGov poll, she just barely trails Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for third place. Of course, both she and DeSantis are some 40 points or more behind Trump.

And apparently, the recent uptick in her popularity has caused Trump to wonder about how good she would be as a VP choice.

As CBS News reported, those “familiar with the conversations” surrounding Trump’s VP candidates say he has been asking his allies about what they think of Haley.

For some, such as former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, she would be a good fit in that she could likely bring in a few votes that Trump would not garner on his own. Seeing as she is a woman and one “of color” (she has south-Asian heritage), as well as a more establishment Republican, it would mean that those who would like to see more of that in Trump’s agenda may be swayed to vote for him.

However, that latter attribute is why several others are warning against the choice of Nikki Haley.

Key conservative personalities such as former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone, and even Donald Trump Jr., all believe she would be a poison of sorts to the Trump ticket.

The main issue they have with her is that as part of what many consider to be the “establishment” of Washington, Haley doesn’t exactly represent the “America first” agenda Trump and the MAGA movement has become known for.

And should she be added to the Trump ticket, all that he’s worked so hard for, to connect with the people, could be lost, or at least watered down.

For Carlson, there’s no way he could support such a ticket. In fact, he says he’d “advocate against it as strongly as” he could.

He explained himself further in a live interview from Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest.
“I mean, here’s someone who’s actively opposed to the interests of the country I grew up in, who endorsed the BLM riots. And who is not left but is a neoliberal in the darkest, most… nihilistic way, and has no real popular support, is a creature of the oligarchs. So yeah, that would be – that would be the reason to oppose the ticket.”

And Carlson isn’t the only one who thinks bringing Haley on board would be a bad idea. Much like choosing current vice president Kamala Harris because she is an “of color” woman, choosing Haley might not actually be what’s best for the Trump administration or America.

Let’s pray Trump listens to wise counsel and the people of America before making a decision.