Vivek Says the Establishment Won’t Let Either Biden or Trump Get Close to Winning

Ben Von Klemperer /
Ben Von Klemperer /

It’s no secret that Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is considered most Trump-like, both when it comes to policies and worldview. But he’s also a bit of a conspiracy theorist…

And his current theory is that the ruling establishment isn’t going to let either Trump or Biden near the White House again.

According to a recent post to his X account, Ramaswamy says there is something “deeper going on. It’s staring us right in the face.”

In a Newsmax interview, Ramaswamy explained that the “they” he referred to in the post is “the permanent state, the establishment. It’s not Republican versus Democrats.”

He then encouraged us to “follow the money” to look at those like Reid Hoffman and Larry Fink. If you know much about either of these two men, it’s likely that they are business tycoons rather heavily entrenched in influencing politics.

Ramaswamy says at one point that he once thought their money would be used to replace Biden with someone like Gavin Newsom or even Michelle Obama. But now, he thinks something else is going on.

“It’s far more insidious than that.” Instead, the “permanent, pro-war establishment” wants someone who will “keep that war machine humming.”

Someone like GOP candidate and establishment puppet Nikki Haley.

And so far, the “money” proves his theory right. Hoffman has already contributed a whopping $250,000 to the pro-Haley super PAC SFA Fund Inc. Additionally, Hoffman has verbally admitted his support for Haley, noting that she could be the one to ensure that Trump doesn’t win again.

Fink’s money has been a little harder to track, and he’s not endorsed any presidential candidate yet.

But the fact remains that someone like Haley, a woman who wants more global ties for the US and has interests in foreign wars, would keep their war machine going, ensuring that the global elites would stay rich and in control.

What do you think? Is the establishment so in control they will ensure someone like Haley wins?