Cryptic Notes Now the Latest Bonus in PA Cereals / /

At the end of December, news broke of a customer finding a strange note in their cereal. Happening in remote Luzerne County, PA, the sealed package had not been tampered with. As the customer opened their cereal, the note toppled out of the bag like it was a toy back in the 1990s. Contacting the I-Team of his local 28/22 News network, they reached out to see if this was an isolated incident.

With both General Mills and the FBI being mum on the incident, the news outlet took the story live. That’s when the floodgates opened.

By the 28th, the team had more than a dozen area residents who all reached out with similar stories. Via FB, one person said, “So glad to see our report about strange notes. I found one several months ago and just last month in Lindt dark chocolate. They were purchased from different retailers. Tried to research but came up with nothing.” Multiple others commented that the “secure” packaging was not as secure as they had thought.

The outlet is not releasing the names of the retailers they were purchased from or the products they were contained in. As of now, the only confirmed incident was in the Luck Charms S’mores box that made the original story. With this and other stories delving deep into “conspiracy theory” territory and speaking heavily on JFK and the SS, many are suspicious.

Congressman Dan Meuser says he is looking for answers. “We’re definitely going to stay on top of this. If it’s concerning to our constituents which it clearly is, it’s concerning to us. So, we are going to stay in touch with our contacts at the FBI and the FDA. Everything that we can find out that we can share we will.” With Congressman Matt Cartwright also pledging his support into this investigation, more should be coming in short order.