27 States File to Stop Colorado from Kicking Donald Trump Off the Ballot

ra2 studio / shutterstock.com
ra2 studio / shutterstock.com

A majority of state attorneys general have filed a joint amicus brief with the US Supreme Court to oppose Colorado from kicking Donald Trump off the ballot. This comes on the heels of the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that Trump could be disqualified from the ballot under the 14th Amendment last month. The US Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in the case in just a few weeks.

The absurd notion that one state can decide which candidates can run for president threatens to throw the entire American political system into chaos. The Colorado Supreme Court literally made up a crime out of thin air and declared Trump guilty of that crime, stating that he waged an “insurrection” against the United States.

Not even Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has ever charged Donald Trump with insurrection, let alone put him on trial and convicted him for it. House Democrats impeached Trump over January 6th, but he was completely exonerated by the Senate. How can Trump be kicked off the ballot in Colorado for a crime he hasn’t even been accused of?

If that’s the new standard, it will throw chaos into the system. If individual states can kick candidates out of the race, guess what? Every red state in America can simply kick Joe Biden off the ballot tomorrow—and hopefully, they will. You don’t even need a valid reason to do so. Just make something up!

The attorneys general of Indiana, West Virginia, and 25 other states agree with that assessment. They’re calling on the Supreme Court to overturn the Colorado decision.

If the Democrat Party doesn’t want Donald Trump back in the White House, they should run against him and beat him in the 2024 election. Everything about their actions says they don’t believe they can do that, so they’re resorting to anti-democracy tactics by trying to kick Trump off the ballot.