Even After Trump Trashes Him, Ramaswamy Didn’t Attack


GOP Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy found himself suddenly facing direct targeting from frontrunner Donald Trump on January 13th. In a vicious post on Truth Social, Trump tried to make Ramaswamy look weak and like a poor choice for the American people.

“Vivek started his campaign as a great supporter, ‘the best President in generations,’ etc. Unfortunately, now all he does is disguise his support in the form of deceitful campaign tricks. Very sly, but a vote for Vivek is a vote for the ‘other side’ — don’t get duped by this. Vote for ‘TRUMP,’ don’t waste your vote! Vivek is not MAGA. The Biden indictments against his Political Opponent will never be allowed in this Country, they are already beginning to fall! MAGA!!!”

While Trump’s claims that the charges against him are starting to wear thin is an accurate statement, the entire statement comes across as a poor attempt to sucker his fellow political outsider into a mudslinging campaign. Even though Trump makes a nod toward Ramaswamy’s initial support, his attempts to goad him into criticizing him are incredibly immature. Given the way Trump had largely ignored him thus far, this sudden turnaround just before the Iowa caucus is a sign that Trump is getting nervous.

Rather than go after the former President, Ramaswamy posted a retort on his X/Twitter account. First, addressing the elephant in the room, he told readers that the real plot is to make the GOP nomination into a two-horse race- Trump vs Haley. He claims that Haley is there to be nothing but a puppet.

“I respect the hell out of Trump. He’s the best President of the 21st century. I’ve defended him at every step against the unjust persecutions. I filed a Supreme Court brief this week laying out the winning legal arguments to overrule Colorado’s disastrous ruling. I’ve filed FOIA demands against the Biden administration. I went to Miami to rally outside the courthouse against Joe Biden and Merrick Garland’s unjust federal indictment of Trump. I’ve called on every Republican to remove themselves from the ballots of Maine & Colorado if they remove Trump.”

In closing, Ramaswamy implored the people to take note of the overriding message. The system cannot stand the idea of Trump returning as the President, and given everything that has happened already, the American people need to pay more attention.

Before the Iowa caucus, the race had four main candidates, Trump, Ramaswamy, FL Gov. Ron DeSantis, and former SC Gov. Nikki Haley.

Most Republicans simply cannot find the ability to trust DeSantis, with his only flash of brilliance coming during the COVID lockdown suggestions from Dr. Fauci. Without DeSantis’ forethought there, the nation could still be in lockdowns now.

Haley has made a name for herself as being incredibly ignorant and tone-deaf during some remarks with the press. Being asked about the causes of the civil war, and failing to mention slavery shows that the former Governor of a major Confederate nation was incredibly tone deaf to the past.

Trump’s status as a forerunner came as soon as he declared his candidacy for the Presidency. A natural leader following the failures of his predecessor, the left has done everything it can to keep him in court and unable to concentrate on the election. This gave him a mixture of support due to Biden’s failure and extra due to the witch hunt liberals have been on since he originally ran for office.

Ramaswamy, on the other hand, was the dark horse.

Ramaswamy proved that he was the epitome of the nice guy. While he didn’t garner enough votes and, ultimately, chose to cut his race short, he will be known as the nice guy. Who knows, that may get him a spot in Trump’s cabinet.