Virginia Democrat Sworn-in on Metallica Album

O.Kemppainen /
O.Kemppainen /

Back in 2017, a Democrat in Virginia named Daniel Roem made history. By winning a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, Roem became the first mentally ill transgender to be elected to a statewide office in US history. Last year, Roem won a seat in the Virginia state senate, and he just dialed his loathing for America up to 11. Instead of being sworn in on a Bible, Roem was sworn in on a copy of a Metallica album.

There’s a lot of question as to whether Roem is even transgender. He’s such a loathsome figure that a lot of his opponents and even some in the “trans” community believe he actually just likes playing dress-up, like Canada’s Justin Trudeau.

After he won a seat in the state senate, Roem announced his intention to be sworn into office on his favorite Metallic album. He told LGBTQ Nation in an interview that he planned to be sworn in on a 1988 vinyl copy of And Justice for All.

While there is no Virginia law that makes it mandatory for someone to be sworn in on the Bible, it is a tradition that dates back centuries in this country. When someone is sworn into office, they are taking an oath in front of a human judge and in front of God in heaven to uphold the laws of the institution they’ve been elected to represent.

The fact that Roem is taking the oath of office on an album reveals that he holds the constitution of Virginia and the United States in contempt, not to mention God. Is it any wonder that Democrats have grown increasingly insane when it comes to the changes they want to force on society? The fact that Virginia allowed this clown to be sworn in on a heavy metal album doesn’t bode well for the state’s future.