Blue Cities Are Now Using Airports As Migrant Shelters

Olena Yakobchuk /
Olena Yakobchuk /

As mayors in places like Boston and Chicago refuse to give up their “sanctuary city” status, they keep taking in more and more illegals. With shelters and temporary housing running out, they are looking for more places to stash them. The latest answer? Dump them at the airport with a future ticket that doesn’t have a specific flight on it.

Back in November,  Interim CEO Ed Freni talked about the Logan airport not being the place for illegals to be dumped off. Granted they had already been dumping them off there for three months. Since his statement, the City of Boston has been still dropping them off with no concerns.

Governor Maura Healey (D-MA) claims that President Biden needs to throw more money we don’t have at the problem. “The path is there in terms of what needs to be done to fix the border situation, to fix some of the asylum processes, and to get much-needed funding to some of the interior states who have had to shoulder the burden for a problem that is geopolitical and is not the state’s making.”

Chicago has been schlepping migrants to the airport as storage for over a year now. Keeping them from public view, officials erected black plastic tarps to keep them from view, giving airport travelers a small path to walk through. Even when they try to hide them, there are numerous spots where people can see them setting up camp.

Governor J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) has also written Biden to ask for funding to deal with the problem they helped create for themselves. In doing so, he admitted that they presented an “enormous strain on our state resources,” but avoided asking him to send them home and reinforce the border.