AOC Supports Free Speech, but Only if You Hate Israel

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

On January 28th, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) decided to buck the trend of politicians on the left and their private citizen fellow liberals in bashing the Israeli people. Instead, she used the opportunity to speak out about freedom of speech and public discourse. Speaking on Meet the Press, her comments came following the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to prevent genocidal acts against Palestinians in Gaza.

“The fact that [the ICJ] said there’s a responsibility to prevent it, the fact that this word is even in play, the fact that this word is even in our discourse, I think demonstrates the mass inhumanity that Gazans are facing. Whether you are an individual that believes this is a genocide – which by the way, in our polling we are seeing large amounts of Americans concerned specifically with that word. So I don’t think that it is something to completely toss someone out of our public discourse for using.”

Previously, she has spoken out against the attack from Hamas on Israel on October 7th, but since then, she has been pro-Palestine at every turn. Her insistence that the American people need to support her and her cause has been the main message from her fellow members of “The Squad.” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has also been incredibly outspoken against Joe Biden and insisted he is helping genocide be committed in Gaza. Something AOC has avoided saying and, instead, offering that people are simply sick of the death and violence on either side.

That’s the problem with AOC and liberals like her. They think they can spew one message and then try and play to the other side of the line to keep both sides appeased. The people of Israel need more support than they are getting from AOC and her fellow leftists. Unable to see the situation for anything beyond what the last TikTok told them to think, they blindly follow the narrative that Israel is wrong because moral conservative supports the people of Israel.

Across the nation, liberals have blindly taken to the streets to support the fight against the people of Israel. Finally blaming Biden for all his ignorant decision-making, they refuse to open their eyes to the war crimes being committed by Hamas and instead try to claim that this is “imprisoned Palestinians” simply standing up for themselves. Truth be told, Hamas in Palestine is made up of terrorists from across the globe.

Financed by Iran, Hamas has been trying to take the fight to the Israelis at all costs and refusing to let go of their objectives or even compromise and to keep the area in a two-state society. Instead, they insist that unless Israel gives up their right to be recognized as a nation, there will be no peace.

What Reps. AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar (D-MI), and others fail to recognize that Israel has a right to exist. They have a right to freedom and to defend their interests from anyone who opposes that goal. Should they want to try and erase Israel from the map, then they need to be ready for the fight they have on their hands.

That fight won’t end just because Palestine or Hamas tosses their hands up and hides in a hospital or because they hide behind women and children. While those casualties will be minimized, there needs to be a lesson learned by the aggressors, and that lesson needs to be the elimination of their existence from the earth.

This is a lesson President Biden should have learned with Afghanistan. Hell, he should have remembered it from Vietnam or the first Gulf War. Instead, he (and the rest of the Democrats) keeps forgetting that you cannot let up because the people who attacked you will capitalize on that weak moment. They see people being humane as a weakness, and they will continue to attack.

If AOC wants to support Israel being weak, she can do that on her own time and out of office. For the time being, she should be supporting the people of Israel. God knows they already make up a significant level of the people she “represents” in Congress.