Black Supporters are Deserting Biden Because of “Disinformation”

Black voters are abandoning the train wreck that is President Joe Biden, but Democrats warn that it’s not by their own choice. They have been misled and must be shepherded back to the fold.
According to a December AP-NORC poll, only 50% of Black adults nationwide expressed approval of President Biden, marking a significant decline from 86% in July 2021. This decrease is more pronounced than the drop among adults overall, specifically white adults. Among Hispanic voters, his support has also fallen to 34% from 59%.
Ever condescending, Team Biden has decided it is necessary to “educate” Black voters to reclaim their votes.
In South Carolina, where the Black vote was pivotal in securing Biden’s candidacy during the 2020 primary, the Democratic Party has initiated a program to ” educate” Black voters in the state. This month, party officials embarked on a 30-stop bus tour across the state to “address and close” the “information gap” among Black voters.
This is the same party that feels that Blacks are unable to do everyday math, succeed on their own merits, or even navigate the challenging landscape of applying for an ID.
And now, it seems the Biden campaign team thinks that Black voters are unable to access the internet, TV, or news of any sort to help them formulate their own opinions on the upcoming election.
Christale Spain, the Democratic Party chair in South Carolina, explained the need to “educate” Black voters and “create a space” for liberal candidates to discuss their records. Spain notes that there is not an “enthusiasm” gap amongst Black voters, but an “education gap.”
“I think there’s a lot of disinformation out there,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison agrees. “There are a lot of folks who don’t want this president for whatever reason, and I think some foreign and some domestic. They don’t want the record to be straight in terms of what this president has done and accomplished.”
Harrison needs to look no further than his second statement, “There are a lot of folks who don’t want this president for whatever reason.” For Black voters, the “whatever reason” is the culmination of decades of Democratic candidate’s hollow promises, divisive rhetoric, and failed policies.
Black voters aren’t abandoning Biden – Biden is leading the party that abandoned them first.
Black voters feel like the Democratic Party has been taking them for granted for a long time.
They’ve been loyal supporters but don’t feel like they’ve gotten much in return. The cost of living is increasing, and it’s hitting families hard, especially those struggling to make ends meet. Families now spend nearly $11,500 extra yearly to afford the same standard of living as they enjoyed before Biden’s term. Many Black voters, like other Americans, are feeling the financial squeeze.
President Biden was seen as a moderate choice when he won the Democratic nomination and the general election. But now, his big spending plans aren’t sitting well with everyone. Some people hoped things would return to normal, not for the sweeping changes enacted by the Biden administration.
Republican presidential candidates have never won more than 12% support among Black voters, but Trump seems to have an easy 25%. Even more alarming for Team Biden, disgruntled Black voters may choose to sit the 2024 election out altogether. In states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, where the margin of victory is expected to be very narrow, even minor changes in voter turnout could significantly impact the upcoming election.
Black voters are seeing through the Biden campaign’s attempts to label Trump as a racist. After all, this voting bloc benefitted far more from Trump’s policies than Biden’s.
Notably, he signed the First Step Act into law, intending to lessen mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent crimes, expand rehabilitation programs, and enhance prison conditions. His decision to grant clemency to Alice Johnson, a Black woman serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense, garnered attention.
Additionally, his administration introduced Opportunity Zones to attract investment in economically distressed areas, increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities through the FUTURE Act, and invested in Black communities under the Platinum Plan, which focused on education, small business, and homeownership opportunities.
If Biden hopes to regain the support of Black voters, he needs to stop treating them like toddlers and acknowledge that they can sit with the adults. There is no “disinformation” or “lack of education about Biden’s successes.” Black voters are very much aware of Biden’s record and want nothing more to do with it.