Dozens of Democrats Arrested for Protesting Joe Biden

Johnny Silvercloud /
Johnny Silvercloud /

Vicious dictators all have one thing in common. They’re not picky about who they will have arrested for disagreeing with them. Even if you are a regime supporter, they will throw you in a jail cell at the slightest sign of dissent. A bunch of Democrats in Delaware found this out the hard way on Monday when they tried to stage a protest at Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters. Their hilarious complaint was that Joe Biden is not being enough of an authoritarian dictator.

The specific data points that the young Democrats were protesting before the Biden campaign had them arrested were global warming (which is fake) and Israel’s war on Hamas.

“Young people won’t support a President who flip flops on climate action and who funds genocide,” announced the protest group Sunrise Movement on Twitter/X.

Okay, first of all… Joe Biden is not a “president,” kids. You have to win an election to become one of those, and Joe Biden has never won a presidential election.

Second of all, have you guys not been paying attention to Joe Biden’s global warming nutbaggery? He’s done more damage to the US economy in the past three years in the name of fighting this nonexistent problem than anyone imagined he ever could. These kids protesting Joe Biden’s “climate flip-flopping” may never be able to afford to own a home if his global warming policies are not reversed immediately.

To paraphrase Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we only have about 10 years to save the country from all of these insane global warming policies!

On top of all the damage that Joe Biden has already done to America through his global warming policies, he wants to keep going if he stays in office for a second term. “Build Back Better” was never Joe Biden’s slogan in 2020—the World Economic Forum weirdoes came up with that. Joe Biden is just implementing it.

Biden literally plans to shut down family farms in America during his second term, so he can force everyone to eat bugs and lab-grown cancer “meats.” He plans to ban gas-powered cars, gas stoves, airline travel, and other conveniences that make civilization and living in a First World country possible. We’re not guessing about this. Biden and his acolytes say it out loud.

Just how much MORE of a global warming authoritarian would you protesters like Joe Biden to be? Maybe you could think about that while you’re sitting in a jail cell and get back to us with your answer.

About 100 protesters showed up at the Biden campaign headquarters in Delaware on Monday. Police arrested about two dozen of them and charged them with trespassing and disorderly conduct, which are basically the same charges that all of the January 6ers have faced. The protesters must not have gotten the memo that it’s an election year. Having Democrats show up to protest Joe Biden’s policies is a terrible look for the campaign. Off to jail with you!

As for your complaints about Joe Biden allowing the Israel-Hamas conflict to drag on, a lot of conservatives are in agreement with you. We have a solution, and it’s a really easy one! Vote for the only world peace candidate on the ballot this November—Donald J. Trump! President Trump will negotiate peace deals and make the world a safer place instead of launching stupid and pointless wars that your generation is going to have to fight if things keep escalating.

Here’s another thing you Democrat protesters will enjoy about coming over to the orange side. You can protest President Trump’s climate policies as much as you’d like, and he’ll never arrest you for it. Because unlike Joe Biden, Donald Trump believes in the First Amendment. All we ask is that you just think about it with all this free time you have on your hands while sitting in that jail cell.