Priest Offers Meth Sampling for Live-Action Confessional

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A report from the New York Post covered the arrest on February 9th of Woodbury United Methodist Church Reverend Herbert Miller. The 63-year-old man of the cloth was arrested following a tip of some extracurricular confession taking. Exchanging meth for watching gay men engage in sexual activity, he was doing it as a form of confessional.

Subsequently pulled over by state troopers in Woodbury, CT, he was found to have crystal methamphetamine in rock form, as well as in a liquid that was preloaded into a hypodermic needle for injection.

Looking similar to Breaking Bad’s main character Walter White, it seemed like a natural fit for the reverend, and the charges fit as well. Now facing charges with possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance, and use of drug paraphernalia, among others, the charges fit, too. Released on $10,000 bail, he was given a February 23rd appearance date to answer the charges.

Only hired back in July by the Woodbury United Methodist Church in July, he was removed from the website by February 12th, and presumably from the diocese as well.

Stories like this have become all too common in recent years. While liberals try to make it seem like all men of the cloth are perverts (repressed or careful), most truly want to be shepherds to all of God’s children. As Miller is an exception to that rule, his actions, unfortunately, speak louder than almost anything else the church in Connecticut can do.

Given the fact that he was driving to and delivering meth for in-person live-action gay confessionals, one has to wonder just how bad this whole situation gets.