Dem State Moves to Ban “Single-Use” Cups from Chain Restaurants

Efetova Anna /
Efetova Anna /

As you know, environmentalists and liberals everywhere have been working hard to save our planet. California, with its progressively green leaders, is attempting to do its part. Their latest idea is to ban ‘single-use’ cups in restaurants.

Not-so-Golden State’s Senator Catherine Blakespear has even introduced a new bill, Senate Bill 1167, which would require restaurants to stop handing out paper or plastic single-use cups and instead offer reusable, washable ones for those dining in.

These more durable options will supposedly ensure that not so many paper or plastic cups make it into landfills, along California’s coast, or on the sidewalk, as they can be “cleaned and reused by the food service facility.”

Should the bill pass, it would be applicable to all “chain restaurants” or those with over 60 locations.

“Californian has a massive plastic waste problem, and if we are serious about protecting our environment and living sustainably, we must reduce it across the board.”

Naturally, quite a few environmentalist groups have jumped at the chance to back such a bill.

Now, to be sure, the idea, in theory, isn’t a bad one. Much like the banning of plastic straws or even fossil fuels, it would be great if we could leave less of a footprint on this planet and make it more likely for generations far removed to still be able to enjoy it.

However, just like banning plastic straws or fossil fuels, reality isn’t so easy to change.

California has already banned plastic straws, in fact. And yet, the amount of waste, including plastic straws, found in the oceans, roadsides, etc., in the state has not really diminished. The same will likely be the case should they ban single-use cups.

One reason is there isn’t a full ban on these items. For the latter, it only applies to chain restaurants. For the former, it doesn’t include fast food joints.

Plus, how biodegradable do you think reusable mugs, cups, etc., will be?

And don’t even get me started on how much more expensive that will make things, on top of California’s already outrageous prices.

No wonder no one wants to live or work there anymore.