Watch: 60 Minutes Crew Gets Their Butts Kicked While Doing a Heartwarming Special on Diversity

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A clip from 60 Minutes Australia that aired a few years ago went viral on Twitter/X this week. An Australian news crew traveled to Sweden to do a heartwarming special on the joys and benefits that have been brought to the country by hordes of illegal aliens from Africa and the Middle East. At the end of the segment, the news crew ends up getting attacked by the very illegal aliens they were trying to lavish with praise.

Why did this clip suddenly go viral in America this week? Because it’s entirely relevant to our current situation. Joe Biden has thrown our southern border open and allowed somewhere close to 20 million illegal aliens into America.

While the Democrat Party continues to coddle these invaders and tell Americans how lazy and stupid we are, the illegal alien criminals are victimizing us. That’s exactly what Sweden went through a few years ago when the EU threw its borders open to the rest of the world.

Rather than diversity being a strength, diversity has turned Sweden into a dump that you would never want to visit. The country had 134 bomb attacks last year. It’s no longer safe for native Swedes to walk the streets of their own cities at night; otherwise, packs of illegal aliens will chase them down and gang-rape them.

Stockholm, Sweden, had to open a first-of-its-kind-in-the-entire-world rape clinic for men a few years ago. The illegals from Africa and the Middle East will rape anything they can get their hands on. Not even pets are safe from them.

The 60 Minutes Australia news crew learned the hard way that diversity actually means warfare and violent assaults in this clip. Watch, and you’ll see the immediate parallels to what Joe Biden is doing to America: