So… the German Military is a Disaster

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Over the last couple of years, you’ve likely heard quite a bit about how the US military is floundering. But it isn’t just here at home that this is happening. In Europe, nations are also struggling to meet recruiting quotas and face the tasks at hand.

Take the German military, for instance.

It was recently reported that the German military is so out of shape that it can’t even perform the most basic of tasks, including firing upon Houthi forces in the Southern Red Sea.

Contrary to claims that the Hessen (F-221), a Sachsen-class frigate in the German Navy, had successfully taken out two Houthi drones, when it had the opportunity to fire upon an American Reaper drone, both of the two SM2 missiles fired from the ship failed to reach their target falling into the sea.

Apparently, neither the firing system nor the missiles themselves had received any real maintenance since 2006, the year the ship was commissioned.

According to the German publication BILD, the vessel has been used pretty much since its commission as an air defense platform for NATO.

Yet, it clearly isn’t able to complete its task.

And it’s not just the Hessen that is underperforming. According to sources, pretty much all ammunitions and equipment in the German military have been left to deteriorate on some level.

Similarly, the supplies needed to ensure soldiers have what they need in battle are lacking. German forces don’t even have enough helmets on hand presently.

However, sources also say that Germany is not the only European nation with these same types of issues. All over, European forces have been found in a rather sorry state. Most don’t even spend half of what the US does to outfit their military per year.

Naturally, the worry is that if another world war or even regional skirmishes break out, most of these nations will be left unable to defend themselves or even help their allies.

Of course, like the US, most European nations have been more focused on diversity and inclusion training than war readiness. And it’s crystal clear as tensions heat up in Europe.