11 Missionaries Killed in Tanzania

hyotographics / shutterstock.com
hyotographics / shutterstock.com

Anyone who has ever done any mission work, whether led by God or just wanting to help those in need, knows that there are always certain risks. Unfortunately, for 11 missionaries working in Tanzania, those risks became a reality on February 24.

According to Tanzanian outlet The Citizen and police reports, two buses carrying missionaries and a number of volunteers for Youth With a Mission (YWAM) were involved in a serious traffic accident. Apparently, a “Kenyan-registered semi-trailer” experience “failing brakes” and “rammed” into the two buses, another commute minibus, and a sedan near the city of Arusha, Tanzania.

The outlet reported 25 deaths so far. Eleven of those belonged to YWAM members.

In a February 25 statement from the missionary group, several more are still in need of prayer.

“Eleven of our friends are now with Jesus. Two are still in critical condition in the hospital. As a movement, we gather around those impacted by this tragedy, their families, and their communities. We are working to meet all the pressing practical, financial, and emotional needs that arise.”

The latest update on Monday remains the same, with eleven missionaries dead and more still in critical condition. Their website points out that they also need to be moved to another hospital for “better care.”

This, along with “repatriation, medical evacuation, family support, funeral arrangements, and many other logistics,” now poses a serious threat, at least financially. According to the group, they will need “approximately $350,000” to meet all those needs.

The group is asking for support for both those still in Tanzania and here at home who have been affected by the accident.

It is a tragedy, to be sure. Thankfully, we have the best healer, both of hearts and bodies, on our side. We pray he brings healing and restoration to all involved, in Jesus’ name. Amen.