Oregon Forced To Admit People Aren’t Ready for Full Drug Legalization

Leszek Czerwonka / shutterstock.com
Leszek Czerwonka / shutterstock.com

Liberals of Oregon set out with the goal of proving us conservatives wrong back about drugs in 2020. With the passage of Measure 110, they decriminalized all drugs, including hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, Oxycodone, and methamphetamine. A controversial decision, leaders claimed that doing so was a necessary step since the war on drugs had failed. With “experts” claiming that these people needed opportunities to kick the habit, rehab, and charge-free help, they believed they could clean up the state and addicts with this idea.

Now, less than four years since it passed, Oregon has reversed course.

With a 21 to 8 vote, HB 40002 passed. Bringing back criminal penalties for drugs, the bill also goes after dealers who attempt to peddle their wares near schools, drug treatment centers, public parks, and halfway houses. Sent to the desk of Gov. Tina Kotek (D-OR) in short order, the people of Oregon have realized that they made a grave mistake.

OR State Senator Chris Gorsek supported the measure like the rest of his fellow Democrats. He thought it could do some good for what he labeled as “marginalized” communities. Now after encountering the drug use face to face he has said, “It’s clear that we must do something to try and adjust what’s going on out in our communities.”

Back in December, Gov. Totek asked Gorsek and other state leaders to make a change and to bring back punishments for hard drug offenses. In January, she pleaded for a 90-day public health crisis declaration in the face of the dramatic rise in Fentanyl use across the state. Back in 2022 alone, Oregon had seen a 20% surge in overdose cases since the law had been passed, and in March 2023, police received 11 OD calls in a single day.

What liberals won’t understand is that when it comes to vices, we need to have limits and regulations. That is why we have limits and regulations about the alcohol content in spirits and beer. It’s why we have regulations about the tobacco industry and pornography. If left to run amuck, a percentage of mankind will always run for the extremes on both ends. By limiting how far they can go, we can prevent society from being yanked into either the full-use or no-use category.