British Hospitals ‘Accidentally’ Amputated Limbs from Dozens of Patients

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A new epidemic has been plaguing NHS hospitals across Great Britain for the past three years. It’s not a new coronavirus or some other barnyard flu that escaped from China this time, however. The UK is having an epidemic of surgical accidents under its socialized medical system. As many as 105 patients have awakened after routine surgeries in the past three years, only to discover that their doctors mistakenly chopped off one of their arms or legs.

Imagine going under anesthetic for an appendectomy and waking up with one of your legs missing. That’s the nightmare scenario that dozens of Brits have now gone through since 2020 in NHS (National Health Service) hospitals.

The York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the latest hospital to confess to mistakenly chopping the limbs off of six patients. It happened four times due to medical negligence in 2020 and two times in 2021.

This is not the only hospital in Britain’s socialist healthcare system to make this mistake due to extreme negligence. Some hospitals have accidentally chopped off so many limbs that they’re unsure of the exact number of patients they’ve crippled for life.

The Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust says it has accidentally chopped off “15 or fewer” arms and legs. Maybe it was seven, maybe 13. Who can keep track of these things?

The Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust each say that they have chopped off “ten or fewer” limbs by accident since 2020. Give or take a few!

Another 18 hospitals across the UK have accidentally severed the limbs of “five or fewer” people in the last three years.

This type of medical negligence is only possible in a socialist medical system. The next time a Democrat in Congress starts talking about completely socializing our healthcare system in America, just remember all the people in the UK who have awakened to discover they’re missing an arm or a leg!