French Government Agencies Get Hit By “Unprecedented” Cyberattacks

Aleksandar Malivuk /
Aleksandar Malivuk /
France has been hit by a mass cyberattack on several state bodies, with many ministerial services targeted using “unprecedented intensity,” according to a statement from Prime Minister Gabriel Attal’s office.
It’s just months before Paris is supposed to host the Olympics. As such, all eyes are on France. European Parliament elections are just around the corner, too.
The prime minister’s office has explained that the cyberattacks have been contained. However, it is the number and frequency that is so alarming.
While no details were provided about the nature of the attack, several hacker groups claimed responsibility on the messaging app Telegram, including one calling itself “Anonymous Sudan.”
It said it launched a distributed denial of service attack on French government network infrastructure. A security source said the attacks “are not currently attributable to Russia,” an obvious suspect for many given Paris’ support for Kyiv since the invasion of Ukraine.
Attal’s office has explained that a “crisis cell has been activated to deploy countermeasures.”
Until it is identified who is responsible, there’s no telling what more they could do to the French government agencies.