Tate Brothers Now Being Targeted in the UK

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At the request of a British arrest warrant brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate were detained on a 24-hour hold for questioning concerning accusations of sexual aggression. This case occurred in the UK between 2012 and 2015. Four women went to UK authorities to allege he was sexually and physically abusive towards them. Crown Prosecution Service ultimately decided there wasn’t enough evidence to try the case.

Never foiled by the justice system not seeing it their way, they started crowdfunding to get a legal team together to go after Tate in civil court. They claimed they handed over all the evidence and proof officials would need. Only to be told authorities wouldn’t prosecute, so now this is their only recourse to make it right. Meanwhile, there is little clarification about what Tristian could be charged with by English authorities.

McCue Jury & Partners, the legal firm representing the four British women said they had urged authorities to have them arrested and brought back to the UK. They claimed they had evidence that Tate was planning on running from Romania.

Managing partner Matthew Jury said, “Today´s news is very welcome as it had been a significant concern to many that Tate would seek to avoid justice in Romania and abroad. We are grateful to the British authorities for taking our concerns seriously and issuing an arrest warrant. Tate is accused of serious criminal offenses against a large number of victims, and he must be held accountable.”

Tate had been under arrest in a Romanian prison for three months before being moved to house arrest. Later that was changed to a restriction to stay in Bucharest Municipality and nearby Ilfov County.

He’s been battling banning on multiple social media platforms for his expression that they are trying to kill off all things that make men, men. Currently, the trial is in very preliminary evidence investigations, their case seems to be moving exceptionally slowly.

Shortly following his arrest Tate had 15 luxury cars, 14 designer watches, and mixed currency cash worth roughly $3.9 million confiscated. In January he was able to successfully appeal their confiscation and have all of it returned.