11-Year-Old Boy Finds Proof Israel is the Holy Land of History

Rafal Kubiak / shutterstock.com
Rafal Kubiak / shutterstock.com

As I am sure you know by now, the whole conflict with Israel/Gaza is a historical one, with both sides claiming that they are the rightful/historical owners of the land known as Israel. Well, a young boy just found more proof that it should legally and historically belong to the Jews.

Introducing Nati Toyikar, an eleven-year-old boy formerly from the Kibbutz Magen area along the Dead Sea in Israel. Currently, his surviving family members have been relocated to a hotel since the deadly October 7 attacks from Hamas.

As his father Ronen told the Jerusalem Post, Nati found an ancient coin on the grounds surrounding the hotel. And this coin proves that it has been in Israeli/Jewish hands for thousands of years.

The coin dates back to the Hasmonean Dynasty, which ruled over Judea a little over 2,000 years ago. According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, coins such as this aren’t all that rare. In fact, it is said that they were minted in “very large quantities” around 80 B.C., pointing to an expansion of the Hasmonean kingdom.

Specifically, this type of coin includes an inscription in Greek, “Alexander Basileus,” on its face, which translates to ‘(of) Alexander the King,’ referring to the Hasmonean king and high priest Alexander Yanai.

The back of the coin “appears a star with eight rays, surrounded by a crown of kings, between the rays, you can see an inscription, which appears in small letters. Only a part of it can be deciphered here. It recalls the name and title of the king in ancient Hebrew: [Yohan]n/he/mel/[cha]/”, says Dr. Robert Cole, head of the coin division at the Antiquities Authority.

Cole explains that the coin was used to pay “the king’s soldiers and to build and strengthen fortresses in the area,” as well as build a fleet of ships to sail the Dead Sea.

He notes that the coins have been found all along the coast of the Dead Sea.

Basically, it’s proof that the Jewish people have lived in and held possession of the land for centuries, despite what the “Palestinians” claim.