Liberal Paradise Closed to Camping Due to Visitors Leaving Too Much Waste

Randy [email protected]

You’d think a place run by the party that claims we need to take better care of our environment would actually do so. Yet, a recent report just announced that the state of California will be banning camping at a public beach because people can’t seem to stop trashing it.

According to a staff report from the California Coastal Commission (CCC), overnight camping and campfires will now be prohibited at San Carpoforo Beach in San Luis Obispo County for the next two years.

As the 34-page report explains, “visitors have sometimes left large amounts of trash, debris and human waste at the beach.” And by sometimes, they must mean more often than not, or else they wouldn’t be forced to no longer allow camping.

Now, to be clear, daytime use of the beach will still be allowed. It’s just overnight stays that will no longer be acceptable.

It should also be noted that San Carpoforo is the only free public beach campsite in the state anymore. So unlike paid beach camping, there are no employees who get paid to go pick up the trash or ensure that there are things like campfire rings, trash receptacles, outhouses, etc., available to the public.

But as I mentioned before, this is California. A place where everyone is really tuned into being woke and green. And that means more people than not are supposedly against fossil fuels, for alternative energy, and all for the sake of our environment.

Just maybe not when it comes to their camping habits… I guess.

Another thing to note about this is that it wasn’t even the CCC who decided to close off camping on the beach.

Instead, it was a highly emphasized recommendation from the US Forest Service. According to the USFS, they had gotten reports of growing trash and waste at the beach, a place where “sensitive species and habitats” are found.

In any case, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that a state run by liberal hypocrites who claim to love the environment now has to close off its beaches because people can’t respect it.