Maryland Town Suspends Entire Police Force
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If you travel to the small northeastern town of Ridgely, Maryland, you’ll likely find it to be the quintessential eastern shoreboard place. That is, until you notice it’s now lacking one very critical thing: a police department.

Now, to be clear, the town technically has a police force, albeit a small one. But at present, the entire staff has been suspended.
According to the Baltimore Sun, the town’s entire police force was suspended by the town’s three-member commission recently for unknown reasons.

As I said, the department is rather small, with only six officers, according to its website.

However, no matter the size, it’s definitely noteworthy when a town demands that an entire police force be immediately suspended.
It’s also notable that no one seems to know why.

Per The Sun, the suspension is to last as long as an ongoing investigation by state prosecutors. Into what? Well, that is largely unknown.
Naturally, residents of Ridgely have been left shocked and skeptical, not to mention a bit nervous.

Not that a lot of crime happens in the area – in fact, there have only been four homicide reports since 2000, and the highest year for crime was 2010 when a measly 41 incidents were reported.

But should something happen, the town doesn’t have a single officer to respond.

Now, it has been noted that the suspension has been classified as “temporary” one and one “with pay.” This would lend itself to the idea that the whole thing may be more of an administrative matter than some large corruption or scandal.

But residents are still worried. Some are particularly disturbed that no one seems to know why. Why all the secrets if it’s something small? And doesn’t the town have a right to know if it’s not?

Besides, in a town of only about 1,600, everyone knows everyone. These officers are more like extended family to most in town rather than just neighbors.

Needless to say, none of it seems to make sense. Hopefully, they can get some answers soon.