Leftist School is So Great Private Security is Being Hired by Parents

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David A. [email protected]

It doesn’t take all that long to look around and figure out that leftist policies on crime and policing just aren’t working. Of course, those who lean to the left aren’t about to admit that – at least not with their mouths.

But their money might just do it for them.

For example, the parents of a growing number of students have grown concerned about the safety and security of those attending the beloved leftist school, University of California, Berkeley.

Like most areas of the once-Golden State, the campus of UC Berkeley has become inundated with crime, including theft, assault, and violence, in the past few years. Located in the chaotic and feces-ridden city of San Francisco, the campus has become increasingly dangerous.

And yet, like the rest of the city, university leaders have effectively hamstrung campus police into little more than mall security.
So, some parents have taken it upon themselves to hire private security for their students.

After raising around $42,000, six guards were hired from March 6 to March 23.

Now, the guards, known as SafeBear ambassadors, aren’t actually permitted on campus grounds. So, the six of them walk the sidewalks and bicycle routes nearest to campus. They also aren’t actually allowed to physically confront anyone.

Instead, they are to track all interactions made with the public and contact authorities if any major crimes seem to occur.
At one point, it had been noted that the SafeBears had engaged with the public nine times, escorted 49 people, and provided visitor information to 42 people.

As I said, more like mall security than anything else.

However, their very presence does send a message, to the school, as well as the entire state. As parents have explained, the hope is that the extra attention put on security will encourage the school to expand its campus police.

We also have to remember that many of these parents are the same people who voted those like Governor Gavin Newsom and criminal-siding district attorneys into office, to begin with.

So it’s unlikely this will change much in the long run.