Seattle is Such a Dump That Mail Delivery Has Stopped for an Entire Zip Code

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Cities that have been under one-party rule by the Democrats for decades have become unlivable for normal people. Seattle, which used to be the nicest city in the Pacific Northwest, has become such a dump that the Post Office won’t deliver mail in one zip code. Anyone who visited Seattle before the Obama years can tell you that it used to be a beautiful American city. The last Republican mayor left office in 1969, though. So today, the city is filled with runaway crime, trash, Antifa terrorists, and fentanyl zombies pooping on the sidewalk.

Residents in the 98118 zip code in Seattle are now being told that they have to appear in person at the Post Office on Martin Luther King Jr. Way to pick up their mail. About 49,000 people live in the zip code, which is on the east side of the city and borders beautiful Lake Washington.

Some residents are being told that the master keys for all the mailboxes were stolen in a recent break-in. No one’s mail is safe in their boxes, so long as those keys are floating around. Unless the FBI manages to catch the perpetrators, it looks like the entire zip code that uses locked mailboxes will have to have their boxes rekeyed or replaced.

Real estate in that zip code ranges between about $800,000 for a condo to $8.9 million for a nice waterfront home. No one can get their mail now because the city is falling apart from rampant crime and lax policies toward homeless lunatics and drug addicts.

It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone suffering through this in Seattle right now, however. The residents there and in most other American cities have been blindly voting for the same political party for the past 50 years or more. You get what you vote for.