Chris Christie is Officially Announcing a 2024 Presidential Run


The former governor of New Jersey is ready for another go-around where he proves that he’s got what it takes to be America’s next POTUS.

Christie is set to declare his candidacy today at a town hall event in St. Anselm College, New Hampshire. His advisors reveal that his campaign strategy is centered around projecting himself as a “happy warrior” who fearlessly expresses his views, takes calculated risks, and is determined to stand up to Donald Trump.

Aaron Blake, a commentator at the Washington Post said, Say what you will about Chris Christie; he is a smart man … He must know that he has precious little chance in 2024 … and while he has insisted this isn’t just a kamikaze mission to take down Donald Trump, it’s difficult to see how it could amount to much else.” 

In 2020, Christie made a decision to retract his support for Trump, citing issues with voter irregularities. Despite being offered cabinet positions, he refused due to his wife’s unwillingness to live in DC. There have been speculations that his choice was impacted by not being considered for the Attorney General position.

Christie’s chances in the upcoming campaign appear grim, as early polls indicate. Recent data shows that he has a disapproval rating of 47%, the highest among Republican contenders, and a meager 3% backing.

There’s another issue, too. It seems that Christie has yet to reveal a true platform. Right now, it seems to be focused more on “vote for me because Trump sucks.” Clearly, that’s not going to be enough.