This Potential Trump VP is “Practically Living” at Mar-a-Lago

Michael Candelori /
Michael Candelori /

If anything has become clear in the last few weeks, it’s that Donald Trump is by far the more popular GOP presidential candidate. And that means it’s time to start discussing who he might choose for his second in command.

And as People magazine just noted, one person, in particular, seems to spend a lot of time at Trump’s place of residence, Mar-a-Lago.

Enter former Arizona gubernatorial candidate and newscaster Kari Lake.

Now, given that this is coming from People, there’s a fair share of thinly veiled criticism of Trump in the piece.

For starters, it implies that Lake is “practically living” at Mar-a-Lago. According to their source, she spends more time there than Trump’s wife, Melania, does, saying that she is “there all the time” and basically has “a suite” of her own.

Naturally, the implication is that something untoward is going on between Trump and Lake, which is not the case.

According to Lake’s team, she does a lot of traveling, speaking all over the country. But occasionally, she has been invited to stay at Mar-a-Lago. The response also noted that when she does, Lake’s “loving husband of 25 years” joins her.

Regardless of how People makes it sound, the fact that Lake has spent some time at Mar-a-Lago does make it seem as if she could be important to Trump, or at least his political career. After all, she’s been named as one on his VP shortlist for some time.

As a gubernatorial candidate with no political experience, she proved she could more than handle the industry, and she does it in a very “Trump-esque” way, not backing down, not holding back, and not being part of the establishment that seems to have taken over Washington.

Additionally, she could add a number of women votes to Trump’s ticket, as well as Arizonians, both of which are desperately needed.

So has Trump picked his VP yet? So far, both Lake and the former 45th president are mum on the whole thing.