DeSantis Ejects Campaign Manager As 2024 Presidential Bid Continues Nosedive

Igor Y Eros /
Igor Y Eros /

Governor and Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has been busy trying to get his campaign back on track after his recent chain of failures. One step has been the expected yet sudden ousting of campaign manager Generra Peck, with his pick for chief of staff in FL, James Uthmeier. Peck will still be riding on the DeSantis bus, now as a chief strategist.

Back in July, NBC News got their hands on a memo dated July 6th that was marked “confidential friends and family update.” Inside the memo, they outlined his campaign plans.

“Our focus group participants in the early stages even say they don’t plan on making up their mind until they meet the candidates or watch them debate… From what we can tell, pro-DeSantis efforts are currently and will continue to run a robust effort in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire that includes paid media and field. While Super Tuesday is critically important, we will not dedicate resources to Super Tuesday that slow our momentum in New Hampshire. We expect to revisit this investment in the Fall.”

With just 15% of DeSantis’ campaign funding allegedly coming from small money donors, it is evident just how unpopular he has been with the average Americans. It’s not for a lack of trying, but he just isn’t hitting the mark. However, for “never-Trumper” Jeff Roe and his cohorts. As others have noted, these billionaires are the main funding of someone they can control. This would be nothing less than a paid-for president. It should be incredibly concerning for people.