Biden Kisses the Ring As He Hands $6 Billion to Iran for 5 Prisoners

Natanael Ginting /
Natanael Ginting /

Perfectly timing his announcement to be released and confirmed for 9/11, President Biden chose to pull back his hand and slap the families of those lost that fateful day instead of comforting them. Already making the leftist mainstream media do gymnastics to try and explain his presence in Alaska instead of NYC of at the White House, he shattered a 22-year tradition.

As opposed to trying to unite the nation, he treated it like any other day, including a visit to troops in Alaska as Air Force 1 stopped for some dino juice while coming back from Asia.

The quietly released news authorized $6 billion of frozen Iranian money to be released by South Korea in Qatar. The money would be held by Qatar, and could only buy humanitarian goods. Signed off by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken last week, Congress nor the public was not notified until September 11th.

In return for the money, Biden was able to secure the release of five Americans who had been held in Tehran. A blatant but roundabout way of paying a ransom for Americans, this violates the policy of not negotiating with terrorists. The timing of South Korea releasing these funds right after Biden comes to visit is just incredibly odd.

For Biden to sell out the American people to terrorists and the countries that house them is dastardly and should lead to impeachment. It’s treasonous. According to the Associated Press, “The waiver is likely to draw criticism of President Joe Biden from Republicans and others that the deal will boost the Iranian economy at a time when Iran poses a growing threat to U.S. troops and Mideast allies.”