Haley Gets Snubbed by Her Own Congresswoman

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

You’d hope when running for an office like the US presidency, you would at least have the support of those from your home town, your home state, etc. When you don’t, it’s a good sign you aren’t going to fare well.

Such is life for GOP nominee candidate and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Haley, once the pride of her state and a US ambassador, is now losing the support she once had, and it’s bound to sting a bit.

This became a reality for Haley when her very own representative, Republican Nancy Mace, decided to endorse Haley’s competitor, Donald Trump, on Monday.

If you know much about Mace, it’s likely that she’s not always been a Trump fan. In fact, in January 2021, she came right out and criticized him for his supposed involvement in “insurrection.”

However, she’s seen the writing on the wall and can apparently recognize a good leader when she sees it.

And that’s exactly what she said during her endorsement.

As she wrote in her social media post, “I don’t see eye to eye perfectly with any candidate. And until now, I’ve stayed out of it. But the time has come to unite behind our nominee.”

She then added that it has “been a s***how since he (Trump) left the White House” and that we need to do all that we can to reverse that. She also noted that we had it much “better under President Trump. The economy was booming, our border was locked down and our nation and her allies were safer because our adversaries feared him.”

“Donald Trump’s record in his first term should tell every American how vital it is he be returned to office.”

As I mentioned, this isn’t good news for Haley. Especially since Haley stuck her neck out for Mace in 2022, even campaigning for her and calling her a “fighter” when facing Trump’s then-endorsed candidate, Katie Arrington.

And yet, Mace isn’t playing favorites. Instead, she’s working to unite the party. Unfortunately for Haley, it’s not behind herself but Trump.