Reporter Asks KJP if Biden Isn’t “Good at Brushing His Teeth”

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If you haven’t heard, Democratic President Joe Biden just had a root canal done. As such, some, including a reporter at Monday’s press briefing on the topic, wonder if the procedure is due to Biden not being “good at brushing his teeth.”

According to the White House, the first part of the procedure occurred on Sunday night, shortly after Biden began experiencing discomfort.

The second part of the procedure happened later on Monday, causing Biden to rearrange his schedule a bit and give Vice President Kamala Harris a few of the tasks he was scheduled to perform, such as delivering remarks in celebration of the NCAA’s men’s and women’s championship teams for the 2022-2023 season.

As White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre noted, the procedure is a fairly common one throughout the United States, with people of all ages undergoing it at some point or another.

Still, it apparently led at least one reporter to ask about the quality or health of the sitting president’s teeth. After all, a root canal does usually signify poor dental hygiene.

He asked, “Is there any more information you can give on why he needed a root canal? Like, is he not good at brushing his teeth or does he need to floss better?”

Apparently, the reporter “did a little research” into root canals prior to the press conference giving him more of a reason to question Biden’s dental health.

Of course, KJP wasn’t commenting on it or at least what may have caused it or Biden’s general dental practices.

Instead, she only insisted that with it being a routine and common procedure, the president didn’t undergo any anesthesia treatments or put under. Therefore, it was in no way necessary to invoke the 25th Amendment.