Newly Released Text Messages Prove Just How Horrible Hunter Biden Is

Polina MB /
Polina MB /

By now, we all know Hunter Biden is no saint. But as we find out more and more about him and his affairs, whether personal or business-related, the more depraved and corrupt he is.

Take, for example, some text messages from the younger Biden that were recently released.

To be clear, it’s a complete lack of text messages, phone calls, or communication at all – and it all happened in 2018, shortly after Hunter found out that his then-girlfriend Lunden Roberts was pregnant with his child.

As you can imagine, Roberts communicated with Hunter quite frequently initially, telling him of the pregnancy and discussing their supposed future together. At first, Hunter seems to go along with it, even putting Roberts on the payroll of one of his shell corporations so she had health coverage and a good income during the pregnancy.

However, as recent records prove, that only lasted briefly. Then all communication was severed, even after his child was born.

Per the Washington Free Beacon, Roberts wrote, “In hopes that you even read this – Baby was born Aug 28. Beautiful & Healthy. If you ever become curious and want to know more, I can send pictures, details, or whatever you may request. I know that’s a long shot and you’d much rather avoid the whole situation but just wanted you to know the door is always open for you in the baby’s life.”

Biden never replied. Not even a thank you.

As the Beacon reported, “Biden dropped out of contact at few months into her pregnancy, cut off her salary and health insurance shortly after she gave birth, and declined to even see a photograph of his newborn daughter.”

And now, he’s still fighting to avoid having to do much of anything with his own child, claiming he’s too poor to pay child support and have much to do with her.

Like I said, Biden’s no angel. But it doesn’t get more despicable than that.