7-Eleven Owners Decide Not to Let a Robbery Happen

CHALERMPHON SRISANG / shutterstock.com
CHALERMPHON SRISANG / shutterstock.com

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a massive uptick in crime, no matter the kind. But this 7-Eleven isn’t likely to face any trouble any time soon.

That’s because rather than stand by and let their store be robbed, these owners decided to protect what is theirs and stop the attempted crime.

According to a video posted to Twitter, a thief tried to rob the store by shoving tobacco products into a trash bin he brought in with him. The Sikh store owners attempted to get in his way, stopping his progress, but the robber out-maneuvered them.

A bystander, one who was recording the event, repeatedly told the owners to “just let him go,” saying, “There ain’t nothing you can do.” It’s the same advice most of us hear when discussing any similar situation. “Don’t be a hero; just wait for the cops.”

And to be sure, it might be the “safer” way to go.

But the store owners didn’t take the advice.

As can be heard in the video, the owners said, “No, thank you.” And then proceeded to take back what was theirs.

While one store owner grabbed the attempted thief and put him on the ground, the other grabbed a long stick and went about hitting the man several times with it.

I think it’s safe to say that this guy won’t be attempting to rob this place again any time soon. And most likely, neither will anybody else.

You see, for criminals to stop acting out their crimes, they have to have a reason not to. And usually, one of the best reasons is a fear of either getting caught or fear of physical harm, or both.

But thanks to our current soft-on-crime stance in most cities, they have neither, which only emboldens them.

It’s time we started taking our cities back as these store owners did. At least it would give criminals pause.