California City Votes to Ban COVID Mandates

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If you haven’t heard, COVID is back – or at least that’s what those on the political left would like you to believe. And as such, one town is preparing what some consider inevitable: the return of mask and vaccine mandates.

Welcome to Huntington Beach, California, where it would seem city council members are strongly unsupportive of any and all COVID-related mandates.

According to KTTV, the city council of Huntington Beach came together Tuesday evening to vote on possible and upcoming mandates in the area. While the meeting took a while, finally ending at 2:48 a.m. Wednesday morning, they did come to a decision.

All COVID-19 mandates are banned in the city by a vote of four to three.

That means, should mandates for either masking or vaccines be implemented in the coming days, neither will be forced on the residents of Huntington Beach.

As Mayor Pro Tem Gracey Van Der Mark said, the mandates of 2020 and 2021 “unnecessarily limited the freedoms of the citizens of Huntington Beach – even those who were not around anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 or at risk of any exposure.”

Of course, she’s right. The tyrannical mandates placed on US citizens surrounding COVID, especially those living in liberally-run states like California, did no one any good. In fact, it’s pretty much been proven since that they did more harm than anything else.

Our economies were ground to a halt, education stopped, socialization was banned, and all for masks and mandates that don’t even work. (I mean, how many vaccines has Jill Biden been given? And she now has COVID again?)

But I digress…

What should also be pointed out here is that those mandates, while unsubstantiated scientifically, also didn’t come from those with actual authority.

The United States is a republic where government officials don’t have power unless the people say they do. The legal term is that we “expressly grant” that power through written constitutions. So if our constitutions, be it at the federal, state, or local level, don’t grant certain powers, then those government levels don’t have those authorities.

And no constitution anywhere says governments can force “medical treatments” on us because some of the population is worried about diseases.