Why Chuck Norris Switched Parties

Markus Wissmann / shutterstock.com
Markus Wissmann / shutterstock.com

It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that Chuck Norris, an actor known for heavy-hitting and being a total badass, is a Republican. But it might surprise you that he wasn’t always a GOP supporter.

As he explained in a video interview in 2014, he once was a Democrat and proud to be one. But like so many today who are switching parties, there came a time when his values no longer lined up with those of Democratic leadership.

He said, “The Democrats went too far to the left.” And so, Norris became a Republican.

He further explained that under the description of what a Democrat was then, in 2014, and now, most Democrats he had once known and been proud to support couldn’t really be considered part of the ever-left-leaning party.

Take John F. Kennedy, for example.

As Norris said, “John F. Kennedy, today would be a Republican, because then, the Democrats were more what the Republicans (are) today. And unfortunately, they lost their way.”

He described that Barack Obama, who was president at the time, had promised the American people much. But once he got into office, “he did not (fulfill) one promise. It’s sad.”

Like Biden today, Obama and his administration (which included Biden) did very little for the American people. Gone were the promises of restoring liberty and freedom and standing up for the little guy.

In its place began a movement that only sought more and more power, more control over people. Until now, that power is more reminiscent of socialism, collectivism, and progressivism than freedom.

Even Democrats of just ten years ago can hardly recognize the party they once stood for.

Just look at their stance on things like gay marriage, abortion, free speech, etc.

It was only ten years ago that gay marriage really became an agenda item for them – now they want men to be women. Then, they were pro-abortion but still respected pro-lifers. Now, there are little to no pro-life Dems left. And free speech among them is pretty much non-existent unless your words follow their verbatim.

No wonder more and more lifelong Democrats are suddenly switching parties.