House Speaker Ready To File for Biden’s Impeachment

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is now launching an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. According to McCarthy, there are at least six unique allegations that led to his decision.

1. He lied to the American people, and the House Oversight Committee found sufficient evidence to say so. As McCarthy pointed out, “Eyewitnesses have testified that the president joined on multiple phone calls and had multiple interactions, dinners, resulting in cars and millions of dollars into (sic) his son’s and his son’s business partners.”
2. The funneling of $20 million in payments to various family members, friends, and even loose associates. He did it by hiding payment through multiple layers of shell companies. 
3. Discovering no less than 150 unique financial transactions involving Hunter or James (Joe’s brother) Biden were flagged by US banking institutions.
4. Testimony of an FBI Informant who claims they have knowledge of both Joe and Hunter receiving bribes of $5 million each.
5. Misuse of the Vice-Presidential office to secure or help secure Hunter Biden’s position with Burisma Ukrainian energy company. 
6. Allegations that the Justice Department provided favoritism to Hunter Biden during their probe of his illegal activities. By being treated differently than he would if he were not the President’s son, he has escaped justice.

For years now, the Biden family has largely escaped punishment as they have taken advantage of the American people. Even while he was a Senator, Joe Biden has continuously pushed for his family to receive the best of everything, all while defrauding the American people to make it happen. 

This isn’t what the Presidency or Vice Presidency is for. Selling out the American people for your personal benefit is not only dastardly, but it is highly illegal. We need to gather together and tell him that this aggression and assault on the American way of life will not stand. Good on House Speaker McCarthy to take the hard right. God knows the left will attack him relentlessly for this.