Adam Kinzinger is Disowned by Family

Rich Koele /
Rich Koele /

If you didn’t already know, former Illinois Representative and Republican Adam Kinzinger isn’t very well-liked anymore. Hell, even his own family has disowned him.

The has-been RINO admitted as much during a Monday interview with CNN. According to him, members of his family sent him a certified letter declaring that they were done with him and no longer considered him part of their family.

As Kinzinger noted, his family had lost trust in him because “great men like Sean Hannity” had also lost trust in him.

“They said I’ve lost the trust of great men like Sean Hannity, which is funny, but they believe that.”

They also told Kinzinger that he was working for the devil.

“They said I was a member of the devil’s army.”

Wow!!! Now that’s saying something, isn’t it? I mean, to literally call a member of your family part of the devil’s army and then say you want nothing more to do with them, ever…

There’s some serious dislike and distrust going on.

Now, to be clear, Kinzinger never mentioned which members of his family sent him this letter. But, at this point, I don’t know that it matters all that much.

I also wouldn’t blame them.

I mean, this is a man who won a seat in Congress because he vowed to put the American people and his constituents first. And yet, time after time, he chose himself and increased power over that promise.

If you remember, he was one of only two Republicans chosen to sit on former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s special counsel to investigate and impeach Trump. He was also one of just a few who voted to impeach Trump not once but twice.

And since then, Kinzinger has been so brazenly against the people that he’s said he would endorse and vote for Biden should Trump win the GOP nomination.

Maybe he is part of the devil’s army…