Boston: The Next To Let Foreigners Vote

Sean Pavone /
Sean Pavone /

Democrats on the Boston City Council are eager to get a good-boy cookie from President Joe Biden at any cost. Their latest move is set on providing anyone with a green card, visa, and other forms of legal status to be given Boston municipal elections voting rights. With 12 Democrats making up the council, it is expected to pass with no fight.

Introduced by Councilwoman Kendra Lara (D), she believes this is another turning point in the storied history of Boston. In a statement, she said, “Though immigrants, particularly those with legal status, pay taxes and contribute to Boston’s economy, they are not able to participate in the electoral process, in what I believe is a violation of one of our foundational American principles. By moving this home rule petition forward, Boston can begin the process of making good on our promise to build a city that is for everyone.”

Councilman Ricardo Arroyo (D) has previously praised the idea, claiming that he believes it would lead to a massive increase in voter turnout. Speaking with the Boston Herald he said, “It’s not a new idea. It’s important, I think, to give a voice to folks locally, who are providing and are subject to all manner of municipal decisions.”

With nearly 30% of Boston being born in another nation, there is potentially a massive amount of people in Boston who are not having their voices heard. However, under Lara’s plan, it is unclear how many of them would suddenly gain this voice, or even how many even have an interest in casting their ballot.

For the people of Boston, having this group vote looks to only boost the wins the Democrats can cherry-pick in this horrible left-slanted city. Despite its historical significance, this is one state that has quickly abandoned the very foundation that was laid for them, and for this nation there. Instead, they are focused on making everything equitable and trying to force the square peg deeper into the round hole.

Over the years Democrats across the country have pushed to give foreign nationals and even illegals the right to vote over the years. While the focus has been on local elections, they are setting the table for national elections like the Presidential ballot to be approved as well. New York City tried passing a measure of its own, but the Supreme Court blocked that, citing the New York Constitution preventing it.

While there is something to be said for wanting to have a voice in the place you call home, that’s a right that only becomes available with citizenship. If you aren’t showing a long-term interest in the nation, why should they care about who you want in office? Given the level of corruption that comes with voting these days, opening it up to more people makes it even worse.

Giving foreigners this kind of opportunity is not something to take lightly. The failed policies of their home nations are what many are fleeing, but if you ask them, they are the same ideas they have in mind for the US. In their worldly wisdom, they seem to think that it will be different, or not subject to the same corruption they experienced in their home counties. As if the liberals in America who would support their ideas wouldn’t be subjected to the same corruption.

There is no study for doing something like that. However, we all know what the end result would be. Overran with liberals, nothing would get done unless the government was providing it, all while overtaxing the American people. So far, since 2020 we have had very restricted and watered-down liberalism. In under 4 years, President Biden has managed to turn the US into a level of the swamp we never thought possible. If he had the illegals voting for his policies on a local level the nation would become unrecognizable.